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Your new online bank. Our brand new interface gives you a ° view of your finances and makes managing your accounts a breeze.

If your mobile phone is off, out of range, or subject to a variety of other conditions, you may not receive the message or messages may be delayed. Don't worry about getting caught short—with overdraft protection your cheques, transfers, card purchases, withdrawals, and bill payments are covered. Check out the mobile app. By using Online Banking, you acknowledge and agree that this Agreement sets forth security procedures for electronic banking transactions that are commercially reasonable.

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Banking and lending products and services are offered by Capital One, N.A., and Capital One Bank (USA), N.A, Members FDIC. Investment products are offered by Capital One Investing, LLC, a registered broker-dealer and Member FINRA/SIPC.

Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement or your applicable account agreements and schedule of fees, there is no monthly service charge for accessing your linked accounts with the Online Banking service. The fee is waived for business customers if you are a Business Advantage checking customer. In addition to the fees already described in this Agreement, you should note that depending on how you access Online Banking or Transfers Outside Bank of America, you might incur charges for:.

Online Banking services and Transfers Outside Bank of America are available days a year and 24 hours a day, except during system maintenance and upgrades. When this occurs, a message will be displayed on-line when you sign on to Online Banking. Our Call Centers are available Monday through Friday from 7: You may also write us at:. Bank of America FL P. For investment accounts only, all stock exchange closures and holidays will be observed such as Good Friday as well as the bank holidays.

Occasionally a Payee may choose not to participate in Bill Pay, or may require additional information before accepting payments. We will work with these Payees to encourage them to accept an electronic or check payment from the Bank. If we are unsuccessful, or if we determine that the Payee cannot process payments in a timely manner, we may decline future payments to this Payee. In the unlikely event that this occurs, we will promptly send you a notice.

We reserve the right to restrict categories of Payees to whom payments may be made using the service. You should not use the service to make:. If you choose to cancel your Online Banking services, any unprocessed payments will be canceled. We recommend that you cancel any scheduled payments prior to notifying us that you are discontinuing the service.

Bank of America will cancel any scheduled payments within two 2 bank business days from the date we receive your request to discontinue the service. If you close your primary checking account, or if it's no longer linked to your service, any unprocessed payments will be canceled. Your Online Banking services will also end if you close all accounts linked to your Online Banking profile. When your Online Banking service is linked to one or more joint accounts, we may act on the verbal, written or electronic instructions of any authorized signer.

Joint accounts using the same Online ID will be identified as one service. We may change this agreement at any time. For example, we may add, delete or amend terms or services. We will notify you of such changes by mail or electronic message. If you initiate any transfer of funds or bill payment through your Online Banking services or make any Transfers Outside Bank of America after the effective date of a change, you indicate your agreement to the change. You may cancel your service at any time by notifying us of your intent to cancel in writing, through Online Banking secure mail, or by calling Online Banking customer service at We may terminate your participation in Online Banking services for any reason, including inactivity, at any time.

We will try to notify you in advance, but we are not obliged to do so. With Online Banking services and Transfers Outside Bank of America, we may send messages to your external email address and notify you that responses to your payment inquiries or customer service inquiries are available, or as otherwise described within the Online Banking or Transfers Outside Bank of America services. If you subscribe to e-Bills service, we may also use external email to notify you that you have new bills.

We cannot act on instructions sent by you from an external email address. You should use Online Banking secure mail to send instructions to Bank of America.

If, for any reason your external email address changes or becomes disabled, please contact Bank of America immediately so that we can continue to provide you with automated messages. Because we may also use external email to send important notices about service and privacy changes, we require that every Online Banking customer provide us with a valid and current external email address.

Federal regulations and the Deposit Agreement impose limits on the number of certain types of withdrawals and transfers you can make each month from a savings and money market deposit account. You can make no more than a total of six 6 automatic or preauthorized transfers, telephone transfers, Online Banking transfers or payments, or if checks and debit cards are allowed on the account, check, draft and point of sale transactions from a savings or money market deposit account each monthly statement cycle each month for savings accounts with a quarterly statement cycle.

If you exceed these limits on more than an occasional basis, we convert your account to another type of account and your account may no longer earn interest. Each transfer or payment through the Online Banking services from your savings or money market deposit account is counted as one of the six limited transfers you are permitted each statement period.

We recommend that you not use a savings or money market deposit account as your bill payment account because of these limits on transfers. Please review the deposit agreement for your account for more information. If you are contacted by anyone requesting this information, please contact us immediately. For reporting unauthorized transactions, please call us at To initiate a payment inquiry, you may use Online Banking services to send the request via secure online mail. We may disclose information to third parties about you or your transactions in the following instances:.

For more information about our privacy and security practices and a link to our U. Consumer Privacy Notice go to our Web site at https: Account Statements and Transaction Details For deposit accounts, we report your Online Banking and Transfers Outside Bank of America transactions on the monthly or periodic statements for your linked accounts.

A description of each transaction, including whom you paid, and the date and amount of the transaction will appear on your statement. In Online Banking, the account statements and documents including notices for your eligible checking, savings, money market, credit card, charge card, business line of credit, mortgage and loan accounts are shown within the statements and documents area of your account details page.

Online statements and documents are available for viewing using the Mobile Banking App, but are not available through Mobile Web. The eCommunications Disclosure allows us to provide this Agreement and certain Online Banking communications electronically. In addition, the eCommunications Disclosure provides important information about paperless delivery if you choose to replace certain mailed account statements and documents with paperless online-only statements and documents.

For more details, please review the eCommunications Disclosure by visiting the paperless settings page in Online Banking. On the paperless settings page in Online Banking, you can choose paperless delivery for all statements and documents at the account level, or for some eligible accounts, at the document group level. As new document types are added to Online Banking for your chosen paperless account or document group, you will automatically receive those new document types online instead of by mail without needing to make an additional paperless choice.

At times, we may, in our sole discretion, mail you a paper copy of certain statements and documents even if you have chosen paperless delivery. Tax statements for eligible accounts require a separate consent process for paperless delivery.

When a statement or document is delivered online, we send an email to alert you that it is available for viewing in Online Banking. You must have a valid email address to receive these alerts. In order to view, print or save copies of your account statements and documents, you will need to ensure that the computer or device you are using meets the hardware and software requirements specified by the eCommunications Disclosure.

Managing your Paperless Delivery Settings You can switch your paperless account statements and documents back to mail delivery at any time by visiting the paperless settings page in Online Banking. It may take up to two months for your revised delivery settings to take effect. Setting your paperless delivery preferences may not be available for all accounts, products or services.

See the paperless settings page for more details on the eligible accounts with paperless options, the documents that are currently available to view online, and how to manage your document delivery preferences.

We may, in our sole discretion, add to, modify or delete any of the features we provide within our paperless statements and documents service. You may have the option to verify your identity and conduct certain transactions electronically through our Bank of America automated telephone system, Financial Centers or Contact Centers using your mobile device. To help facilitate the electronic transaction, you may receive a text message containing a one-time authorization code or a link at the mobile number you provide.

By providing a mobile number you 1 certify that you are the account holder for the mobile phone account or have the account holder's permission to use the mobile phone number, and 2 consent to receive this one-time text message to conduct this transaction. This text message may be sent using auto-dialer technology. You will not be sent additional texts or other messages unless you affirmatively request to receive another code or link. If you need help with this text message transaction, reply to the text with the word HELP or call us at If your mobile phone is off, out of range, or subject to a variety of other conditions, you may not receive the message or messages may be delayed.

Wireless carriers are not liable for delayed or undelivered messages. We must hear from you no later than 60 days after we have sent the FIRST statement on which the problem or error appeared or 90 days if the problem or error relates to a bill payment from an account maintained at another financial institution. If you tell us verbally, we may require you to send us your complaint or question in writing or via email within ten 10 bank business days Online Banking customers may use secure online mail.

When you contact us, please provide the following information:. Please explain as clearly as you can why you believe there is an error or why you need more information. We will tell you the results of our investigation within 10 bank business days after we hear from you, and we will promptly correct any error we have made. If we need more time, however, we may take up to 45 days to investigate your complaint or question. In this case, we will provisionally credit your account within 10 bank business days for the amount you think is in error, so that you have the use of the money during the time it takes us to complete our investigation.

If we ask you to put your complaint or question in writing, and we do not receive your letter in 10 bank business days, we reserve the right not to provisionally credit your account. If we conclude there was no error, we will send you a written explanation within three 3 bank business days after we complete our investigation.

You may request copies of the documents that we used in our investigation. Tell us at once if you believe your Online Banking passcode has been compromised or if someone has transferred or may transfer money from your account without your permission. The best way to minimize your loss is to call us immediately. The unauthorized use of your Online Banking services could cause you to lose all of your money in your accounts, plus any amount available under your overdraft protection plan.

You will have no liability for unauthorized transactions if you notify us within 60 days after the statement showing the transaction has been mailed to you or 90 days if the transaction was from an account maintained at another financial institution.

If you do not, you may not get back any of the money you lost from any unauthorized transaction that occurs after the close of the day period or 90 day period if the transaction was from an account maintained at another financial institution , if we can show that we could have stopped the transaction if you had notified us in time.

If a good reason such as a long trip or hospital stay kept you from telling us, we may extend the time periods.

When you give someone your Online Banking ID and passcode, you are authorizing that person to use your service, and you are responsible for all transactions that person performs while using your service. All transactions that person performs, even those transactions you did not intend or want performed, are authorized transactions. Transactions that you or someone acting with you initiates with fraudulent intent are also authorized transactions.

For your protection, sign off after every Online Banking session and close your browser to ensure confidentiality. These liability rules are established by Regulation E, which implements the federal Electronic Fund Transfer Act and does not apply to business accounts. Our liability policy regarding unauthorized debit card or ATM Card transactions, and unauthorized Online Banking transactions on consumer deposit accounts may give you more protection, provided you report the transactions promptly.

Also, the state law applicable to your account may give you more time to report an unauthorized transaction or may give you more protection. If we do not complete a transaction to or from your account on time, or in the correct amount according to our Agreement with you, we will be liable for your losses or damages. However, there are some exceptions. For instance, we will not be liable:. Our liability for Three-Business Day domestic transfers and Next Business Day domestic transfers involving a transfer to or from a Bank of America consumer account is as prescribed in this section.

You agree that we may send notices and other communications, including passcode confirmations, to the current address shown in our records, whether or not that address includes a designation for delivery to the attention of any particular individual. You further agree that Bank of America will not be responsible or liable to you in any way if information is intercepted by an unauthorized person, either in transit or at your place of business.

Bank of America will have no liability to you for any unauthorized payment or transfer made using your passcode that occurs before you have notified us of possible unauthorized use and we have had a reasonable opportunity to act on that notice. We may suspend or cancel your passcode even without receiving such notice from you, if we suspect your passcode is being used in an unauthorized or fraudulent manner. For businesses who use the additional services described in Section 7, this section applies to all Online Banking passcodes, including those assigned to users or Administrators.

You are responsible for all transactions performed by you and any designated user s , including Administrator s , whether you specifically authorize the transactions or not. If you notify us that the person is no longer authorized, then only transactions that person performs after the time you notify us are considered unauthorized. By using Online Banking, you acknowledge and agree that this Agreement sets forth security procedures for electronic banking transactions that are commercially reasonable.

You agree to be bound by instructions, whether authorized or unauthorized, which we implement in compliance with these procedures, unless you have given us prior notice of possible unauthorized use as described above and we had a reasonable opportunity to act on such notice.

If we fail or delay in making a payment or transfer pursuant to your instructions, or if we make a payment or transfer in an erroneous amount that is less than the amount per your instructions, unless otherwise required by law, our liability shall be limited to interest on the amount that we failed to timely pay or transfer, calculated from the date on which the payment or transfer was to be made until the date it was actually made or you canceled the instructions.

We may pay such interest either to you or the intended recipient of the payment or transfer, but in no event will we be liable to both parties, and our payment to either party will fully discharge any obligation to the other. If we make a payment or transfer in an erroneous amount that exceeds the amount per your instructions, or if we permit an unauthorized payment or transfer after we have had a reasonable time to act on a notice from you of possible unauthorized use as described above, unless otherwise required by law, our liability will be limited to a refund of the amount erroneously paid or transferred, plus interest thereon from the date of the payment or transfer to the date of the refund, but in no event to exceed 60 days' interest.

If we become liable to you for interest compensation under this Agreement or applicable law, such interest shall be calculated based on the average federal funds rate at the Federal Reserve Bank in the district where Bank of America is headquartered for each day interest is due, computed on the basis of a day year. Unless otherwise required by law, in no event will Bank of America be liable to you for special, indirect or consequential damages including, without limitation, lost profits or attorney's fees, even if we are advised in advance of the possibility of such damages.

For the provisions governing our liability for Transfers Outside Bank of America, please see Section 8. For the provisions governing our liability for Direct Payments Service, please see Section 4.

G of the Online Business Suite Addendum. Please note that if you give or make reasonably available, your PIN or other access device or code to anyone, you may be liable for any use made of such until you advise us that such person is not authorized to use them. The additional services described in this Section 7 are available only if you also enroll in the Online Business Suite or if you are a payroll customer.

Some customers have been provided continued access to these services without enrolling in the Online Business Suite. We have notified you separately if you qualified for this limited exception. You may authorize other users and control their scope of activities by designating user levels, access levels, and account settings. You may add additional users to your Online Banking profile and provide each with a separate Online ID and passcode.

An Administrator is not eligible to enroll in other online business services or grant levels of access to other users that have not been granted to the Administrator. For each user, you can designate which account s the user will have access to.

You may also place limits on the types of transactions for each account the user is granted access to. You agree that users have Transactional Access, unless otherwise specified by you or an Administrator. You agree that by granting Transactional Access also sometimes referred to as financial access or full access to an account you will be allowing a user to transfer funds, make payments, perform account maintenance, and view account balances and activity on the account, subject to the selected account or general service settings.

View Access also sometimes referred to as inquiry access or basic access allows a user to only view account balances and activity, subject to the selected account or general service settings.

In addition to specifying Transactional, View, or No Access for a user of an account, you can also specify certain other account settings, including transaction limitations as provided on our web site.

There are additional controls available for the Bill Pay option. If you select to enable Full Access Bill Pay for a user, that user will automatically have Transactional Access to all the accounts that you have set up for Bill Pay, and the user will be able to pay bills using the Bill Pay feature and set up new payees.

You may, however, designate limited access for a user of Bill pay, which will permit the user to have transactional access for specific accounts and existing payees only. For the Bill Pay functionality, you may limit a user to use only certain specified accounts. In addition to designating general service settings, you can also provide additional account settings on certain eligible accounts, such as allowing a user to view statements, view check images or make transfers for the selected accounts.

Any user to whom you have given transfer ability will be able to see the last name and last 4 digits of account number for all transfer recipients created by you, an Administrator or any other user, even those that the user did not initiate.

If you no longer are a person authorized on the signature card for each linked account to designate signers for each such account, the business has the obligation to inform Business Online Banking of the new individual or individuals with such authority.

Such notice must be given separately from any other notices given to other Bank of America departments or banking centers, by calling us at You are responsible for and we will have no liability to you for any unauthorized payments, transfers or other transactions performed on any account linked to this service that are made by a designated user or Administrator using the Passcodes you or an Administrator assign, and that occur before you have notified us of possible unauthorized use and we have had a reasonable opportunity to act on that notice.

If you also are authorized to enter into an Agreement for the Business Online Banking service for another business, and if you want to link the accounts of the other business to the accounts covered by this Agreement, you will need to agree separately to this Agreement for each other business.

Upon doing so, you may link the accounts of the businesses so that you may elect, at your risk and that of the businesses, but not of the Bank, to use a common Online ID and passcode for Business Online Banking for all linked accounts.

You should do this only if you are authorized to link the accounts of the different business and to use all the functions of Business Online Banking for each business. You further agree to inform Bank of America if your authority over any linked account decreases. Bank of America is not liable if your authority over any account decreases until it is informed of the change in authority using the "Notice" requirements of this Agreement.

You may also link an eligible Bank of America personal account to the accounts covered by this Agreement. For general questions, to request cancellation of payments and transfers, or to report unauthorized transactions please call us at Business Online Banking Customer Service is available from 7: For payroll customers who have accepted the Intuit terms and conditions on or after May 31, , the following terms and conditions in subsection 7. D apply to your Online Banking Agreement with us: Bank of America has arranged for a third-party provider, Intuit Inc.

Enhanced service provides state and multi-state tax service and direct deposit to banks other than Bank of America. The monthly payroll service fees are waived during the first 3 months of enrollment. Intuit guarantees the accuracy of its payroll tax calculations, based on the information you provide and subject to the terms of your agreement with Intuit. If Intuit causes a calculation error, Intuit will pay the tax penalty incurred as a result of a calculation error.

Intuit guarantees the accuracy of the payroll tax calculations, tax filings, and any paychecks Intuit prepares for you, based on the information you provide and subject to the terms of your agreement with Intuit. Monthly service fees, including multi-state fees, apply each month in which you are enrolled, whether or not you use the service. Additional fees for exception processing and other special services may apply. Pricing does not include applicable taxes.

You must have an open Bank of America business checking account to be eligible to access the payroll service through Bank of America Online Banking. The maximum number of active employees and contractors being paid cannot exceed You must go to the Intuit Website to enroll in and use the payroll product. Bank of America is not responsible for the product or the performance of Intuit Inc. Intuit and the Intuit Logo are registered trademarks of Intuit Inc.

Terms, conditions, features, availability, pricing, fees, service and support options are subject to change. The actual terms and conditions of your Payroll Service are in the service agreement you execute with Intuit, Inc.

Bank of America makes no representation or warranty concerning the accuracy or continuance of any of the these terms, whether shown in this agreement, on the Bank of America website, or on any other Bank of America communication. You must navigate to the Intuit website to enroll and to use the Payroll Services.

You will be subject to the Intuit terms and conditions, privacy, and security agreements and policies. Intuit may decline to initiate the Payroll Service for you or any of your employees in its sole discretion. We provide a link from your Bank of America Small Business Online Banking session for you to access your Payroll Service on the Intuit Web Site, which you are permitted to use if you maintain a Bank of America business checking account.

This will enable you to simultaneously work in both sessions as permitted by the applicable service agreements; however, there will be no download or transfer of your account information or data from the Bank of America website to the Intuit website except as described herein. When you navigate from the Bank of America site to the Intuit web site you hereby authorize us to transmit to Intuit the necessary identification and security information concerning you and your authorized users.

You acknowledge that Bank of America may market its products and services to your employees whose information we have received from you in order for us to facilitate access to the Payroll Service.

You acknowledge that if an employee of yours is paid by check through the Payroll Service, and the employee does not have a deposit account with Bank of America, the employee may be charged a fee to cash that check at a Bank of America location. You further acknowledge that some states require an employer to provide its employees with the means to obtain the full value of their paychecks.

You agree that compliance with any such requirement is your responsibility and not the responsibility of Bank of America or Intuit, and you indemnify and hold harmless Bank of America and Intuit for any claim asserting a violation of such requirement.

The limitations of damages and liability set forth in this Section are fundamental elements of the basis of the bargain between Bank of America and you. You acknowledge and agree that Bank of America would not be able to provide your access to the Payroll Service on an economic basis without such limitations.

Transfers sent outside of the United States that are initiated by consumers primarily for personal, family or household purposes "Remittance Transfers" , are governed by federal law see section 8. This Agreement governs not only Remittance Transfers, but also certain other transfers that are sent outside of Bank of America as described in section 8.

Your rights and obligations with respect to Remittance Transfers may vary in certain ways from the terms and conditions applicable to other types of transfers. Your rights with respect to Remittance Transfers, including error resolution and cancellation rights, will be explained to you at the time you initiate each Remittance Transfer and are also contained in Section 8.

From outside of the continental U. You may also write us at: You must enroll in SafePass to transfer funds over certain dollar amounts, depending on your relationship with Bank of America. After enrolling in SafePass, you will be required to enter your SafePass code each time you're initiating a transfer over the specified dollar amount and when adding a new account.

The code will be sent to your mobile device or SafePass card. Learn more about SafePass. Bank of America will use best efforts to provide oral, written or electronic notice to you of rejection of a transfer on the scheduled date of initiation of the transfer; provided, however, that Bank of America shall not be liable to you for interest compensation for its failure to give such notice.

The liability for Three-Business Day domestic transfers and Next-Business Day domestic transfers involving a transfer to or from a Bank of America consumer account is described in Section 5 above. The liability for Remittance Transfers is described in Section 8. The following applies to Remittance Transfers. If you think there has been an error or problem with your Remittance Transfer: You must contact us within days of the date we indicated to you that funds would be made available to the recipient.

When you do, please tell us: We will determine whether an error occurred within 90 days after you contact us and we will correct any error promptly. We will tell you the results within three business days after completing our investigation. If we decide that there was no error, we will send you a written explanation. You may ask for copies of any documents we used in our investigation. You have the right to cancel a Remittance Transfer and obtain a refund of all funds paid to us, including any fees, within 30 minutes of your confirmation of the transfer.

The best way to cancel a transfer is to sign in to your account at www. Alternatively, you may call us at 1. From outside the U. When you contact us, you must provide us with information to help us identify the transfer you wish to cancel, including the amount and location where the funds were sent.

We will refund your money within three business days of your request to cancel a transfer as long as the funds have not already been picked up or deposited into a recipient's account. BankAmeriDeals "deals" or "cash back deals" or "offers" are provided pursuant to these terms and conditions and any operating rules or policies that may be published by Bank of America including its Privacy Notice , as may be amended from time to time.

BankAmeriDeals provide you with the opportunity to earn cash back with deals based on your use of your eligible Bank of America accounts. We try to match deals to the places you've shopped or to similar places that might interest you. We do not share individually identifiable information with merchants as part of BankAmeriDeals, and we offer you the opportunity to hide or opt out of receiving these cash back deals.

As always, we will only use personally identifiable information in accordance with our Online Privacy Notice and U. We reserve the right to amend, cancel, change, discontinue, or suspend BankAmeriDeals, in whole or in part, at any time in our discretion with or without notice to you, and any such action shall be effective as of the time we determine. However, in all instances, we will provide cash back in accordance with the terms of this Section BankAmeriDeals for all deals redeemed prior to the action.

In order to redeem a cash back deal you must first click on the deal to load it to your eligible Bank of America credit and debit cards and then complete the transaction using one of those cards. The amount of cash back and any specific terms and conditions related to a particular deal will be included in the deals details. However, cash back will not be earned for any portion of your purchase that you pay for with store credit, gift certificates or other payment types.

Additionally, transactions must be made directly with the merchant to earn the cash back; you may not receive cash back in connection with a deal if your transaction is made using an electronic wallet where the identity of the merchant is not passed to us as part of the transaction.

This could mean that cash back earned through use of a business card might be deposited into your consumer account as the default, for example. Your BankAmeriDeals cash back will typically be credited to your account within 30 days after you redeem the deal. For example, any deals you redeem in the month of December should be credited to your account by the end of January. If you would like to see the BankAmeriDeals you have redeemed or the total value of the deals you have redeemed to date, please visit the Earned tab in Online Banking or the Earnings Summary in the Mobile Banking App.

Cash back posted to a credit card account will not be posted as a payment. It will be posted as a statement credit and is not a substitute for a payment. You must continue to make your minimum monthly payment shown on your billing statement.

Only Bank of America credit or debit cards associated with certain accounts are eligible for use with BankAmeriDeals. ATM-only cards are not eligible for this Program. Accounts that are linked to two different Online Banking User ID profiles such as jointly owned credit card accounts will be listed for both account holders' Online Banking profiles.

Each joint owner of an eligible account will be able to view deals in Online Banking. If you are an authorized user on a credit card account, and not a co-owner, that credit card account will not appear as an eligible account under your Online Banking ID profile. Some checking accounts may be listed under "Eligible cards," but if the account does not have an associated debit card, it cannot be used in the Program, except to receive cash back.

You must make a purchase with an eligible debit or credit card to earn cash back from BankAmeriDeals. Certain cards are not eligible for BankAmeriDeals. Bank customers with only the following card and account types are not eligible to participate in BankAmeriDeals. When the level begins, it is recommended you first study the layout. Get two weapons, and max out your ammunition through the crates supplied. Go to the desks by the entrance to the rooms.

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Reach Level 70 in Multiplayer mode to unlock Prestige mode. Reach the indicated Prestige level to unlock the corresponding Custom Class slot. Get the indicated number of consecutive kills in Multiplayer mode to get the corresponding bonus:. Successfully complete the indicated task to complete the corresponding challenge and get the listed experience points. These challenges will not show in the barracks.

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After clearing outside, when the team starts going up the stairs, enter the room to the right you were probably in this building before when you were told to take cover , and look under the stairs on some wooden palettes to find the Intel. As your team moves towards the arch with the red light, go to the stone stairs before it, and look inside the room on the far wall to find the Intel on some filing cabinets.

After you get the riot shield and leave the room where you got it, turn left, and go down the hallway. In the first open cell on the right-side wall is the Intel on a desk. Once you find the person you have been looking for, turn to your left to find the Intel on the desk. Inside the elevator that keeps trying to close in the hallway after you enter the building , the Intel is to the right of the body sitting inside.

In the room with a balcony out on the balcony is a missile launcher , go to your left as you enter the room, and enter the door straight ahead near the portrait of Franklin Pierce to find the Intel on a table down a small hallway. When you reach the three-man patrol standing near the fence, kill them, and go over to where they were.

The Intel is about ten feet south on a crate. The building labeled "33" along the angled south-west fence contains the Intel on a metal desk inside the northern door. Just north of building "33", locate the stairs leading to a helipad has blue lights on the corners to find the Intel in the north-west corner. When you are told to go left to the building, inside that building after the next door has been opened, the Intel is in the hallway on a couch to the left.

After you go up the first stairs towards the roof, the Intel is to your right on a desk. This should be about the time when the you see the flares get lit. Before entering the house, go behind it, and locate the small boat hanger along the shore. The Intel is on a crate outside of it. In the locked room on the top floor of the house, the Intel is on a desk in front of the door.

In the nearest locked room in the basement, go into the arms room to the left. The Intel is straight across from the wall of weapons on a crate. The Intel is immediately to your right when you begin the mission, in the front of the plane. After you slide out of the plane hull and move across the street and up the hill, look for the plane pointing towards the road. The Intel is inside, near the cockpit. As you enter the tunnels, go left as instructed.

After the patrol passes, kill the guard standing at the monitor, and go straight across to find the Intel on a crate just to the right of the cave entrance. The Intel is on the desk with soda cans after you breach the room, near where your ally is working on the computer. Create a class with the Scavenger perk and claymores. Setup a claymore, and once it kills someone, you can scavenge his body for another.

You can also scavenge when you already have one setup, then get another, and place it somewhere else. You can only carry one at a time, but you can put down as many as desired. It works best to stay in a room.

Every time someone comes through it and gets killed, scavenge, set, and repeat. While using the One Man Army perk, equip a grenade launcher to one of your guns. After you run out of grenade, use One Man Army, select the class you were just using, and you will have two more grenades for the tube. Also, everything else will refill. Repeat this as many times as desired. After creating this class, host a private match or a split-screen match with a friend. Make sure your friend has a class with Hardline, and the Pavelow as one of their Killstreak rewards.

Have your friend kill you enough times until they get their Pavelow. When their Pavelow is out, use your rocket launcher to hit it. If it is not destroyed the first time, use your Scavenger perk to get more rockets. Immediately after the Pavelow starts to spin out of control, use your light machine gun to rapidly shoot at it.

Each bullet that hits the spinning Pavelow will count towards the Cold-Blooded Pro perk. By doing this method, you can easily get the Cold-Blooded Pro perk within a five minute match.

After creating these classes, host a private match or a split-screen match with a friend that is willing to be killed multiple times.