Federal Reserve Bank of New York

If you are in town to see Hamilton the Musical, visit the Money Museum to see Hamilton the Exhibit. Learn about the man who inspired the musical and see what it .

In , the Fed moved into its new home.

Recent Developments

The Economic Research Department conducts research on monetary policy, macroeconomics, banking, financial markets, applied microeconomics, and the regional economy in support of the Federal Reserve Bank’s policy and public outreach functions.

Andrew Campbell , Jeffrey R. Carrigan , Michael T. Evans , Charles Evans , Jack B. Hardin , Erin Hardin, Jr. Hoppe , Michael J. Howard , John L. Kawa , Mark H. Klohs , Birgit M. Mattoon , Rick Mayo , Robert P. Nelson , Dave Nelson , James W. Peterson , Scott R. Pramaggiore , Anne Primiceri , Giorgio E. This worried him, but he also felt he had no choice because the low interest rates were helping Europeans particularly Great Britain in their effort to return to the gold standard.

Economic historian Charles P. Kindleberger states that Strong was one of the few U. After Strong died in , the New York Bank lost its energetic leadership. In the s some of its power was transferred to the Federal Reserve System headquarters in Washington. David Beim, finance professor at Columbia Business School submitted a report in , released by the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission in , saying "that a number of people he interviewed at the reserve bank believe that supervisors paid excessive deference to banks and, as a result, they were less aggressive in finding issues or in following up on them in a forceful way.

In , Carmen Segarra , then New York Fed bank examiner, told her superiors that Goldman Sachs had no policy governing conflicts of interest. She was "fired in May after refusing to change her findings on the conflict-of-interest policy and sued the New York Fed October ". In April the U. District court in Manhattan dismissed the case, "ruling that Segarra failed to make a legally sufficient claim under the whistle-blower protections of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act ".

In the first Godfather movie, the "meeting of the Dons" scene uses the Federal Reserve building exterior, even though the interior of another New York building the Penn Central railway boardroom was also used for filming. The vault is penetrated under the pretense of construction work and the gold bullion transported via dump trucks to a location outside the city. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original on April 6, Retrieved Sep 9, New York Federal Reserve Web page.

Retrieved 18 September Aired on Monday, 14 November , 7: Tug Yourgrau and Pip Gilmour. Originally produced for the Discovery Channel by Powderhouse Productions.

The New York Times. The Bankers Who Broke the World , p. Retrieved 9 October Secret Recordings and a Culture Clash". Discount window Federal funds Federal funds rate Primary dealer. Federal Reserve Flash Crash August stock markets fall —16 stock market selloff. Hamlin — William P. Harding — Daniel R. Learn about the man who inspired the musical and see what it meant for him to be the Secretary of the U.

Understand how his vision led to the eventual creation of the Federal Reserve System. Learn more in the press release. The Money Museum is open Monday through Friday, 8: You should plan about 45 minutes for a self-guided visit. Monday — Friday at 1pm, we offer a guided visit which lasts roughly 30 minutes. Reservations are not needed; simply show up at 1: The guided visit includes: The Money Museum is wheel chair accessible.

Wheel chairs are not provided. Exhibits are ADA compliant. All adult visitors 18 years and older must show a valid, government-issued photo ID before entering the Money Museum. The following items are not allowed in the Museum. This includes, but is not limited to: Illegal items that are detected will be confiscated and not returned to the owner. At no time are firearms allowed into the Museum regardless of concealed carry status.

Individuals may not store them and will be asked to leave the premises. The Money Museum is most appropriate for junior high school students and above. Museum staff members are not able to accommodate groups of children under third grade. School groups are encouraged to have at least one adult chaperone for every ten students age 17 or younger.

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