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For energy companies, mobile apps are an effective way to share best practices, ensure compliance and.. When the cost and performance of emerging technologies improves, incumbents get nervous. Share Tips Of the Year To remain competitive, oil companies need to reduce their production costs. No representation is being made that any action will achieve profits or losses similar to those displayed.

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Wenn Aktienklassen eines Teilgesellschaftsvermögens in anderen Währungen als derjenigen, auf die das Teilgesellschaftsvermögen lautet (seine Referenzwährung) gezeichnet oder zurückgegeben werden können, sollten Aktionäre in Aktien der betreffenden Klasse berücksichtigen, dass Wechselkursschwankungen zwischen der Referenzwährung und der Währung, in der verschiedene Aktienklassen .

Subsea requires separation efficiency for long-distance transportation of oil. In the longer term, given the mega eigenkapital im minus trends shaping the sector, companies deutsche oel und gas luxemburg must focus on finding and executing the most resilient future-proof strategy for their own unique capabilities. What does peak oil demand mean for the future of gas? OE Offshore Engineer Offshore. Geld Verdienen Mit Patenten. Brownfield use usually is indicated by lower reservoir pressure and increased water-cut in later field life.

When the cost and performance of emerging technologies improves, incumbents get nervous. Our special report on how the oil and gas industry is facing up to the new.. Handel Group Pty Ltd Luxembourg ots This portfolio approach should resonate with companies of all sizes, including the smaller independents, some of whom focus too much on the technical challenge of discovering exciting new plays, rather than on commercial viability.

Mit Sitz in Luxemburg betreibt über die.. Umwandlung der Aktienklassen und Kay Rieck: Companies are using digital technologies to enhance field development, make the supply chain more efficient and improve asset maintenance not just in upstream but also midstream, downstream and in the back office with robotic process automation, England said.

Some of the European oil majors are also investing in low-carbon plays, which range from traditional renewable energy such as wind and solar power generation to more recent acquisitions involving electric vehicle infrastructure. As operators assess the impact of various scenarios from supply constraints to low carbon, they need a plan of action.

The Government has ruled out new permits for offshore oil and gas.. How To Buy Bitcoin Futures Regarding taxation, the government has adopted a series of measures to mitigate risks to investors arising from the upstream activities.

Published 20 hours ago.. Looking ahead, we can expect to see many companies turn to open standards to help them improve operational efficiency and grapple with digital complexity. Aktienklassen D er V erwa lt ungsra t [ In September , a l l classes of shares C lass A shares , C la ss B shares, Class C shares and preferred common shares were converted into common shares and all preferences formerly attached to the diffe re n t classes of shares c e as ed to exist. Zeitpun kt nicht me hr.

Rumours of a possible consolidation of key activities in the MAN Group have. Shareholders may switch between Funds and, where applicable, bet we e n Classes of Shares s ub ject to the minimum limits set out in the Section 'Key Information' of this Prospectus [ Anteilinhaber k ö nnen Anteile eine s Teilfonds und gegebenenf al ls ei ner Klasse in Anteile eine s anderen Teilfonds und gegebenenfalls ei ne r and ere n Klasse u mta usche n vorbehaltlich [ The disclosures relate to the composition of capital stock and the.

Die Angaben beziehen sich auf die Zusammensetzung. The Fund shall have the right, if the Board of Directors so determines to satisfy payment of the redemption price to any Shareholder requesting redemption of any of his Shares but subject to the consent of the Shareholder in. Most frequent English dictionary requests: Please click on the reason for your vote: This is not a good example for the translation above.

The wrong words are highlighted. It does not match my search. It should not be summed up with the orange entries The translation is wrong or of bad quality. Thank you very much for your vote! You helped to increase the quality of our service. This involves information on the subscribed capital and the rights resulting from [ Es handelt sich hierbei um Informationen zum gezeichneten Kapital [ Thus, the Executive Board, in agreement with the Supervisory Board, recommends that the ordinary [ In Übereinstimmung mit dem Aufsichtsrat empfiehlt der Vorstand deshalb den Stammaktionären und den [ In relation to the Authorized Capital II, the Management Board is authorized to exclude fractional amounts from the shareholders' pre-emptive rights of subscription and, in case of a simultaneous issue of ordinary shares and preference shares, to exclude the pre-emptive rights [ Further information on [ Under the Statutes of the Company, [ Laut Gesellschaftssatzung sind die [ The partial or complete adjustment of conditional capital from preference shares to ordinary [ Die teilweise oder vollständige Umstellung der bedingten [ Wen n ein [ Damit würd e es w iederum [ It should be noted in this respect that, for accounting periods ending prior to 22 July "Pre [ Juli endende [ Such equalisation arrangements may require Shareholders, upon subscription, to make an equalisation payment into an equalisation account maintained by the [ Solche Ausgleichsvereinbarungen können es erfordern, dass Anteilinhaber bei der Zeichnung eine Ausgleichszahlung auf ein Ausgleichskonto leisten müssen, das für das betreffende [ The portfolio turnover rate is calculated for a 12 month period in [ Die Portfolioumschlagshäufigkeiten werden für einen Zeitraum von 12 [ Where assets, income, capital appreciations, liabilities, expenses, capital depreciations relate to more than one Sub-Fund or within a [ Rumours of a possible consolidation of key activities in the MAN Group have [ Gerüchte über die mögliche Konsolidierung [