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Nishchit visheshan definite - of four types garana count kram order aavritt recurrence samuday group 2. Hindi Quickstart Audio Lessons. Introduction to Hindi Verbs Lesson Compound Verbs Part 2 Lesson A Simple Hindi Conversaion Lesson

Meanings of lessen in Hindi

Sandigdh Bhoot Past Doubtful 6. Hetuhetumad Bhoot Past Conditional 1. Samanya Vartman Present Indefinite 2. Apurn Vartman Present Continuous 3. Sandigdh Vartman Present Doubtful 1. Samanya Bhavishya Future Indefinite 2. Tom ke sar par topi hai. Tom has hat on his head Tom ke peechhe John hai. John is behind Tom Lily ke samne kutta hai. Dog is in front of Lily Lily ke age kutta hai. Dog is before Lily Underlined words are sambandh-bodhak or preposition Hindi words.

Their types and some examples are given below: Yojak Additive such as aur, tatha, evam e. Badal aye aur versa hone lagi. Versa hogi athava aandhi ayegi. Either it will rain or there will be a storm Vibhajak Dis-joint such as parantu, kintu, magar, lekin, taki, ki e. Mae uske ghar gaya parntu vah nahi mila. I went to his house but he did not meet Parinaam-soochak Shows Result e.

Maen mehnat kiya isliye mae safal hua. I worked hard hence I became successful Karan-soochak Shows Reason e. I will not sleep because there are mosquitoes here. Uddeshya-soochak Shows motive e. Tej chalo taki hum station theek samay par pahoonch jaye. Walk fast so that we reach station in time Vismayaadi-bodhak Interjection In Hindi Grammar Some words that show various moods are: Vedana Pain Haay Re!

Note English equivalents shown here on this Hindi grammar page are only to convey meaning of words written in Hindi. Com Home Contact Us. Sanket Vachak Demon strative. Bhoot Kal Past tense -6 Types. Possessive Pronouns Lesson Nouns Part 1; Introduction Lesson Possessive Pronouns Part 2 Lesson How Old are You?

Numbers 21 - 30 Lesson Where are You From? The Negative Case Lesson Dotted Consonants Lesson What Time is it? Where Do You Live? Learn Hindi with the Commonwealth Games! Tense Review and Happy Diwali! IPA and Hindi Lesson Comparing Adjectives Lesson The Sad Banana Lesson Jobs and Occupations Lesson Part 2 Lesson Urdu Vowels Part 1: Practice with the Past Tense Lesson Irregular Verbs in the Past Tense Lesson Answering The Telephone Lesson Part 2; More Replies Lesson Urdu Vowels Part 2: Compound Postpositions Lesson Brothers and Sisters Lesson The Future Conditional Tense Lesson The Past Imperfect Tense Lesson More on Compound Postpositions Lesson Fruit and Vegetables Lesson