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The People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) is the aerial warfare service branch of the People's Liberation Army, the armed forces of the People's Republic of China. The PLAAF was officially established on 11 November As of , the PLAAF has a strength of around , personnel.

Recovered by the Song dynasty in , it received the name Xining meaning "peace in the west" and has been the seat of a prefecture or superior prefecture under that name since that time.


Full Text: China's Military StrategyMilitary and Security Cooperation Preface The world today is undergoing unprecedented changes,and China is at a critical stage of reform and development. China's destiny is vitally interrelated with that of the world as a whole. A prosperous and stable world would provide China with opportunities,while.

Its main industries are wool spinning and textiles, fur, meat, milk, salt, and light processing industries. It has a planned area of 4. It is established to fulfill the nation's strategy of developing the west.

XETDZ enjoys a convenient transportation system, connected by the Xining—Lanzhou expressway and run through by two main roads, the broadest roads of the city.

It focuses on the development of following industries: According to the Census , the prefecture-level city of Xining has a population of 2,, inhabitants, , persons more than in and the demographic growth for the period — was of 1. At present, four districts, three counties and a national economic and technological development zone are under the administration of the local government.

With a population of more than two million, Xining is the first city on the upper reaches of the Yellow River to achieve a population in the millions. Local traditions and customs are influenced by the Tibetans, Monguor, Muslims and Han. On Census numbers, Han Chinese represent Having a history of over years, the Dongguan Mosque , located in the Xining City Zone, is one of the most famous mosques in the northwest region of China.

It has splendid and diversiform towers, walls and halls in the mosque. There are more than Christian meeting points in Xining. The Catholic minority is pastorally served by the pre-diocesan Apostolic Prefecture of Xining. The municipality oversees seven districts and counties.

Xining International Academy is an English-language international school. Xining is situated in a fertile mountain basin in the valley of the Huangshui river , a tributary of the Yellow River, that acts as a river port. These routes are now followed by modern highways. Since Xining station has been connected by the Lanzhou—Qinghai Railway to China's railway network. See the Qinghai—Tibet Railway.

When first opened, it just provided high-speed train service to Lanzhou and Urumqi and points in between. With the opening of the Baoji—Lanzhou high-speed railway on July 9, , it has been connected to the rest of the nation's high-speed rail network.

Unlike many other Chinese cities, where the conventional and high-speed trains stop at different train stations, Xining railway station is served by both types of trains. Thus it can be used as a transfer point for e. As the capital of Qinghai province, Xining almost boasts all varieties of local flavors. Xining's cuisine is distinct from other varieties of Chinese cities using mainly food products native to the area. Food here is substantial, but quite inexpensive.

In Xining, some restaurants serve varieties of 'plateau flavor', such as Feng'er Liji a round lamb tenderloin , Danbai Chongcao Ji a medicine cuisine made of chicken, Chinese caterpillar fungus and eggs , Jinyu Facai pork wrapped in flagelliform nostoc and shaped as a goldfish among others. These dishes are often cooked by the locals at home. There are also many small restaurants offering noodles. Gan Ban is a very common noodle dish. Perhaps Mian Pian, which means "noodle leaves" is the most common noodle plate among the Qinghai people.

On the streets, many Muslims sell spicy lamb brochettes. Due to the cold climate, residents of Xining are also fond of strong spirits—Xining has the reputation of being one of the heaviest regions of alcohol consumption in China.

Administrative divisions of the Republic of China instead. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Xining disambiguation. Prefecture-level city in Qinghai, People's Republic of China. Nach der Niederlage im 1. Weltkrieg war Österreich-Ungarn in einer Krise. Die Habsburger Monarchie endete und somit wurde auch das Reich aufgelöst. Die deutschsprachige Bevölkerung gründete das sogenannte Österreich und das Land erlebte schnell eine schlimme Wirtschaftskrise.

Die Regierung, geführt von einer Koalition aus Sozialdemokraten, Christsozialisten und einer nationalistischen Partei, implementierte ein sehr ehrgeiziges Wirtschaftsprogramm — bestehend aus Preiskontrollen, Lebensmittelsubventionen, der Nationalisierung von Industrien, und Wohlfahrt — und finanzierte es mit einer Druckerpresse.

Wie es Mises vorhersah, war das Ergebnis eine reine Katastrophe. Dieser erste Schritt ist so offensichtlich wie entscheidend. Die Krise, in der sich Venezuela befindet, ist rein ideologischer Natur. Bis das verstanden ist, gibt es keine Hoffnung für das Land. Das gleiche Problem hatte auch Mises in Österreich. Das Grundübel, an dem Oesterreich leidet, ist die Herrschaft der sozialistischen Ideen. Solange diese Herrschaft ungebrochen besteht, muss jeder Versuch, das Land zu sanieren, misslingen.

Viele sagen, dass die reale Inflation noch höher ist. Die fortlaufende Abwertung der oesterreichischen Krone vernichtet sämtliche guten Aussichten auf einen Wiederaufbau des Staatshaushaltes, bis eine neue Notenbank gegründet wird. Es ist nicht unwahrscheinlich, dass der Staat dazu geneigt ist, sämtliche Zahlungen zu suspendieren, sobald es unmöglich wird, die Menge des zirkulierenden Geldes zu erhöhen — diese Möglichkeit birgt fast unvorstellbare soziale Konsequenzen.

Obwohl es viele Gründe gibt, die langfristige Stabilität der Federal-Reserve-Scheine in Frage zu stellen, ist der Dollar weiterhin die Weltreservewährung und wäre nach dem Bolivar eine Quelle der Stabilität.

Auch Zimbabwe nahm nach seinen hyperinflationistischen Experimenten in den Dollar auf. Obwohl ein Aufnehmen des Dollars auf dem Papier gut aussieht, stellt sich zu Recht die Frage, ob die venezolanische Bevölkerung, die Jahre lang vor dem gefährlichen amerikanischen Imperialismus gewarnt wurde, solch einen Wandel akzeptiert.

Regional terrorism, separatism and extremism are rampant. All these have a negative impact on the security and stability along China's periphery. The Taiwan issue bears on China's reunification and long-term development, and reunification is an inevitable trend in the course of national rejuvenation.

In recent years, cross-Taiwan Straits relations have sustained a sound momentum of peaceful development, but the root cause of instability has not yet been removed, and the "Taiwan independence" separatist forces and their activities are still the biggest threat to the peaceful development of cross-Straits relations.

Further, China faces a formidable task to maintain political security and social stability. Separatist forces for "East Turkistan independence" and "Tibet independence" have inflicted serious damage, particularly with escalating violent terrorist activities by "East Turkistan independence" forces.

Besides, anti-China forces have never given up their attempt to instigate a "color revolution" in this country. Consequently, China faces more challenges in terms of national security and social stability. With the growth of China's national interests, its national security is more vulnerable to international and regional turmoil, terrorism, piracy, serious natural disasters and epidemics, and the security of overseas interests concerning energy and resources, strategic sea lines of communication SLOCs , as well as institutions, personnel and assets abroad, has become an imminent issue.

The world revolution in military affairs RMA is proceeding to a new stage. Long-range, precise, smart, stealthy and unmanned weapons and equipment are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Outer space and cyber space have become new commanding heights in strategic competition among all parties. The form of war is accelerating its evolution to informationization. World major powers are actively adjusting their national security strategies and defense policies, and speeding up their military transformation and force restructuring.

The aforementioned revolutionary changes in military technologies and the form of war have not only had a significant impact on the international political and military landscapes, but also posed new and severe challenges to China's military security.

China's Military Strategy English. Following is the full text: National Security Situation II. Preparation for Military Struggle VI. Military and Security Cooperation Preface The world today is undergoing unprecedented changes, and China is at a critical stage of reform and development. National Security Situation In today's world, the global trends toward multi-polarity and economic globalization are intensifying, and an information society is rapidly coming into being.

China's armed forces uphold CPC leadership: