Ausgangssituation des Handels. Das Wettbewerbsumfeld für den Handel hat sich in den letzten Jahren dramatisch gewandelt. Auch hat eine Verschiebung innerhalb der Handelsformate stattgefunden.

The first three-month program which started in May saw eight start-ups supported with intensive coaching, access to an international network of partners and seed investment.. Apr 25, — searching for information on how to start an online store.

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The program targets international founders with digital und innovative business concepts which have high market potential and are technologically pioneering.. From May , up to ten participants will receive intensive three-month coaching, office space in the heart of Berlin and seed financing of regularly Das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie prämiert realisierbare Gründungsideen, die sowohl Innovations- als auch Marktpotential haben..

The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology honors feasible start-up ideas which have innovation and market potential.. Promising business concepts in the area of information and communications technology ITK are supported this way and accompanied step by step.. With the product idea of Projektron BCS, Projektron was among the award winners of the competition in Die Mittel werden vorrangig für die Entwicklung und Markteinführung innovativer Produkte oder Dienstleistungen sowie kreativer Geschäftskonzepte eingesetzt..

The IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft www. The funds are used primarily for the development and market launch of innovative products or services, as well as for business concepts of creative industries..

Tchibo steht für ein einzigartiges Geschäftsmodell:. The company was founded in and has its roots in the idea of merchants Max Herz and Carl-Tchiling-Hiryan to send roast coffee by mail - a business concept revolutionised the coffee market.. Die Gründerhäuser bieten den Raum und das kreative Umfeld in Berlin, um innovative Ideen in erfolgreiche Geschäftskonzepte weiterzuentwickeln..

The pre-incubator provides space and a creative environment to develop innovative ideas into successful business concepts.. Axel Springer Plug and Play richtet sich an Gründer mit mediennahen Geschäftskonzepten , die hohes Marktpotenzial haben und technologisch wegweisend sind..

Im ersten, über drei Monate laufenden, Programm wurden seit Mai acht Startups mit intensivem Coaching, Zugang zum internationalen Netzwerk der Gesellschafter und einer Anschubfinanzierung gefördert..

With him on board there is yet another important reason for Internet start-ups to choose Axel Springer Plug and Play as a partner for further growth. Axel Springer Plug and Play targets founders with media-related business concepts which have high market potential and are technologically pioneering.. The first three-month program which started in May saw eight start-ups supported with intensive coaching, access to an international network of partners and seed investment..

The initiative " Germany - Land of Ideas " allocates our business concept.. Welcher Vertriebsvertrag auf Ihre Strategie zur Anwendung kommen kann, wird gemeinsam mit Ihnen speziell entwickelt.. We can develop a suitable distribution contract to specifically meet the needs of your strategy in consultation with you..

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See how foreign-language expressions are used in real life. In online advertising [ online advertising ] , search engine marketing, banner campaigns and affiliate partner programmes play an important role. As an incentive, time limited competitions and price reductions are also offered within the advertising materials. Recipes are a content-led link to potential customers. LeShop benefits from the strong brand Migros, as long as customers notice the connection.

The cross-channel advertising potential with Migros offers therein still more in unused potential. The possible shift of some of the purchases from Migros branches to LeShop [ cannibalising effect ] is not seen by LeShop as detrimental to the Migros group. Unlike their competitor Coop, LeShop can supply both Migros products and branded products so that the cannibalising effect is rather a disadvantage to Coop, if anyone.

Information Phase Once the customer has visited the online shop for the first time and knows what is available, we speak of the Information Phase. It is important that customers find what they are looking for quickly and easily. The wide range of products in LeShop is, therefore, divided into 35 main categories which can be successively subclassified. The categories are expanded according to the season, e.

LeShop makes good use of visuals, the customer can choose between various graphic renditions, e. Detailed information is provided for each product, maintained by the responsible product manager. The whole shop is available in four languages. Articles which are not available are not displayed at all. Great importance is given to product searches.

Customers can search for a product by brand, product description, characteristic or even by an EAN Code. In the case of large product ranges, e. Whoever still cannot decide can look at the product feedback from other customers as well as the number of stars awarded and can also read through their comments.

Regular customers can set up personal shopping lists so that items needed on a regular basis do not have to be searched for from the various categories every time.

Regular customers especially, want to get their shopping done quickly. Agreement Phase In the Agreement Phase we assume that the customers have basically found the products that they are interested in, although an actual order is dependent on other factors as well as the simplicity and transparency of the purchase process.

The ordering and delivery conditions give information about guarantees, rules for orders e. If there are additional questions, the customer can contact the Call Center, although they do not process orders there. Methods of payment accepted are listed within the conditions of payment. In addition, when the customer makes an order, they must consent to LeShop obtaining information about their credit history. Within the delivery conditions there are differences between products delivered by LeShop themselves, with special rules for frozen products as well as products from the complementary suppliers.

In the case of some articles from complementary suppliers, e. The third supplier in the case of jewellery is the firm Urech. LeShop passes on the order data to this supplier but not the credit card data. The issuing of invoices varies; it can be either through LeShop or through the intermediate supplier.

The whole body of rules and regulations is included in the additional conditions and includes rules about minimum orders, delivery times and costs, deposits etc. LeShop has arranged its conditions in such a way that the mechanics of the logistics costs are quickly transparent and customers can easily see that they benefit from a reduction in their proportion of logistics costs when they make an order with a higher value.

The single person, who is ordering a readymade pizza delivered every evening, will not be a LeShop customer. On the other hand, those who order their main household shopping for the coming week s all at once, are likely to reach the average LeShop bill of Swiss Francs Euros without much difficulty and they can also benefit from the minimum delivery charges, depending on how often they order, of 7. This spirit of transparency and participation is a particularly clear advantage in the additional delivery costs for frozen products, which is described in more detail below.

One particular characteristic is the final price of an order, which is calculated only approximately. The reason for this is that some products, such as meat or fruit are charged according to their actual weight.

The customer orders in a margin of, e. The product is displayed with a price per kilo and a price for an amount in the middle of the margin is calculated and placed on the provisional bill. The final order is made by the customer after they have checked the contents of their shopping basket in the check-out process through clicking on the order button.

The contract is legally concluded only when the supplier confirms the acceptance of the order. Fulfilment Phase After the contract confirmation, we speak of the Fulfilment Phase. In this phase, both parties fulfil their respective obligations; LeShop in the form of delivery, the customer in the form of payment. The goods processing and the assembling of customer orders are work-intensive tasks and particularly critical for success.

It is decisive for the question, whether a profit can still be achieved, despite the complex article handling.

As a rule, for these households the motto is: The time frame for deliveries from LeShop is between In a few regions where there is a low amount of orders, deliveries are not made every day. The physical order processing at LeShop is carried out in two logistics centres.

The products come from four temperature zones: LeShop knows that it can only send products to their customers in which there can be absolutely no doubt as to their freshness. Because the supermarket segment represents a continually recurrent need, quality and freshness are regarded as the key to customer retention.

The orders, broken down into partial orders, are assembled in different zones and stored in paper bags. Fresh products are packed in cool bags, which are also equipped with a cool pack in the form of a plastic bottle filled with frozen water.

Bread and flowers are processed on an make-to-order basis and are always delivered to the logistics centre early in the morning. After that, they are, like the other articles, simply taken from the shelves according to the order.

Paper bags and cool bags are stored in transport boxes, in which the space is used to best advantage. Frozen products are assembled on an make-to-order basis in a specialised area and made ready for the LeShop distribution centres in special deep-freeze boxes.

The deep-freeze boxes are already labelled with the final address label and are assigned for delivery in a cross docking process [cross-docking] , that is without being opened or repacked. Once all the partial orders are complete, the order is put together and loaded on to one of 34 delivery routes. At this point in time, the customer receives an e-mail with a provisional invoice, so that they know what will be delivered.

The delivery takes place in a time frame of three hours. For LeShop this represents a reasonable compromise between logistics costs and service. Once arrived at the customer, the bags are taken out of the boxes and handed over so that the boxes can be taken back immediately.

Should the customer not be at home, the delivery is either taken to a neighbour if specified or simply left outside the front door — in this way, there are practically no problems.

The deep-freeze boxes cannot, however, be taken back in this case. The customers can return the boxes and cool bags at the next delivery and receive the deposit back then. The processing and delivery status of the orders can be recorded at every stage with the help of barcode scanners.

The post service conveys the updated delivery data to LeShop, so that LeShop has a clear view of the whole delivery. Operative Performance in the Warehouse A central cost factor is the time taken to assemble the individual orders.

It has already been mentioned that LeShop raises operating figures in its endeavours for continual improvement. Correspondingly, there are also key operating figures [KPI] e.

The assembly area is structured into work areas. Around ten people work in each zone. Every commission procedure is recorded with a mobile scanner and is registered with a time stamp. From this basis data, weekly performance figures are formed for each person and team.

These can be accessed at several locations in the site. Errors in commissioning are traced back so that the responsible area also receives feedback here. Good performance figures are rewarded at the individual level as well as the team level in the form of bonus payments. The teams therefore are self-motivated to try to perform well. They are rewarded in this: After the up-to-date delivery data is transferred from the Post service, the order is settled.

The customer receives this final order settlement as a pdf file by e-mail. If the customer pays by card, this is only actually debited now, at the time of the order only a reservation was made. The processing of card payments is carried out by the Payment Service Provider Datatrans. Customers who want to pay via an invoice with payment slip, receive this by post. For this purpose, the invoice data is passed to a Billing Service Provider on a monthly basis.

This service provider undertakes the printing and dispatch of the invoices, and also sends reminders for payments not made. Codes from promotions as well as points from the customer loyalty programme Migros-Cumulus or UBS KeyClub can also be used as a method of payment.

Loyalty Phase Once an order is completed, the relationship with the customer is not over for a supplier like LeShop. In the Loyalty Phase it is necessary to provide essential services and where relevant, activate guarantees but also to convert knowledge about the customer into new and where appropriate even more advantageous offers and therein cause repeat purchases.

If customers have queries or complaints, they can contact the LeShop Call Center. The staff there has the complete history of the customer on their screen as well as all aspects of the order and their status. In this way they can give professional information. If complaints are made, the staff remains obliging as customer satisfaction is accorded great importance. The customer data resulting from the transactions is systematically analysed by LeShop.

They are dealt with sensitively and not passed on to third parties. In the analysis, three customer groups are identified: Additionally, various other distinctions are made, e.

Derived from this analysis, the customers receive a moderate amount of personalised e-mails [personalization] , the content of which is adjusted to them and which can contain a targeted promotion. An online shopping session can also have an insert of a personalised promotion. Offline, Migros Cumulus letters can contain personalised special offers for LeShop customers.

When a purchase is made within three weeks of the previous one, and exceeds a certain threshold, the customer is rewarded with the lowest possible delivery charge.

Provided customers participate in the Migros customer loyalty programme Cumulus, they also receive cumulus points for their purchase of Migros products at LeShop. Particularly good customers occasionally receive a gift or invitations to special events. The success of the customer retention measures is shown in the fact that more than 35, Swiss households do their main shopping between once and several times a month at LeShop.

Cooperation with suppliers LeShop is proud of its relationships with suppliers [ relationships with suppliers ]. These are established with a view to the long-term and included in the continual improvement process. LeShop had to develop new performance characteristics and processes, which would have been impossible without constructive teamwork with their suppliers. One tries to achieve progress not by putting suppliers under pressure but by including them in the project. The internal fact orientation is extended to the suppliers.

In this way, LeShop could even make a difference in such a large company like Swiss Post. This is how suppliers are transformed with LeShop; a large post service in exactly the same way as the butcher and baker from Weingarten, for whom LeShop has become the most important customer.

The principle is give and take. LeShop gives its suppliers, for example access to a part of the anonymised data so that they receive direct information from the market. Expansion of the range to include own-brand frozen products The decision to include own-brand frozen products in the range first came up when a solution was found how LeShop could deal with the additional demands for the development of this solution see chapter 4.

In its centre there is a separate transport box with dry ice, so that the cold chain can be maintained uninterrupted right to the customer. The freezer box is filled on a made-to-order basis in a separate deep-freeze storage warehouse, provided with final shipment labels and located with other transport containers in a cross docking process.

Display of dynamic transport cost depending on the fill level of the freezer box There are considerable additional costs associated with deep-freeze logistics. One of the reasons is the price of the freezer box itself, for which a deposit of 30 Swiss Francs 20 Euros is charged for each order. This correspondingly requires stock management and accounting logistics.

Another reason is the additional logistic effort; for an order of a single package of ice cream these costs would be out of proportion with the value of the good itself. This is why LeShop makes the logistics costs for a box clear and charges the customer an additional 10 Swiss Francs 6.

If, on the other hand, the customer orders enough frozen products to fill the box, the additional costs are reduced in steps along the fill level to zero empty. This correlation is shown in a dynamic display under the shopping basket symbol for the customer during the ordering process see Figure 2. Great for business, corporate, and personal use.

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