Three Ways To Transpose Rows Into Columns in Oracle SQL

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Cannot be combined with any other offer. Are you sure you want to leave the Ring Concierge? Your data will be saved. You can always come back by clicking the Ring Concierge icon. It is possible to create a function that i. Hi Abraham, your article is great. I learned a lot from it. For example, the data changed daily. Good work, Thanks for explaining transpose query,have been searching for this one for a while.

I do have one more question. Do you know of an easy way where i can do the following with a WITH command? But, if you have all data available in your WITH statement, you can i. This tutorial was great, and very well written. Now is there a way to have total columns on the right and at the bottom, so, for example, we have a total for all Directs, and a total for all stat01 below the stat01 column?

Hi Marty — I am sorry that I have not gotten back to you sooner. Have several deadlines these days. I am not totally certain I understand what you mean. Would you be able to paste in a sample of what the data should look like? Decode was not recognized by the sql server bu WITH as main query did.

Thanks a million PM. Hi TJ, These are great explanations. Hello shobhit — Thank you for your feedback. I have not done any specific performance comparison on these, but I can see what I come up with. I will see if I can do some explain plans on the different ones. I used Example 3, it works correctly, but it seems slow in my case. I also tried Example 1b. Much more efficient than Example 3.

I learned a lot from the specifics. Does anyone know if my assistant can acquire a sample AZ Informal Probate copy to fill in? I have a table with multiple rows. Each combination of year and qualificaiton code can have multiple offering types and and example will look like this: I want to extract the data that I get the year and qual code with all its offering type values as columns.

After a lot of research it is done! Thank you for your contribution. Sorry I was not able to respond earlier. It has been many busy months…. Have tried using pivot but not able to achieve desired outcome. I was almost suggesting IT team to upgrade to Oracle 11g when I found this that suits the solution. I am happy that it helped you. Log In Remember Me. February 26, In: If you are looking for the opposite, transpose columns to rows, I have added a new tutorial about this.

Please take a look here: How to update Multiple Columns in Oracle April 17,