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Verticillium nonalfalfae PCR assay. The seed has to grow and to develop. To help select the most appropriate PCR assay to use, a morphology-based key is available for preliminary identification to species or species groups [4]. Do you enjoy reading reports from the Academies online for free?

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They were making fun of his method, but it was an effective method. When we do, we are delivering to them the whole counsel of God. In Nehemiah chapter 8 verse 8, when the children of Israel had returned from captivity and were rebuilding the city, the leadership gathered the people together and constructed a little platform. They began in the early morning to read the Word of God to the people.

I believe this is a worthy definition of expositional preaching — to read the Word, give the sense, and cause the people to understand the meaning. Suddenly it begins to come together in my own mind. I appreciate the insights God has given to other men on passages of the Word.

But in saying that I appreciate and do read commentaries, I must also confess that often I will read pages and pages from commentaries and get absolutely nothing that I can use. So I believe that one of the best commentaries on the Bible is the Bible itself. It takes time to whet and develop the appetite of the people for the Word of God. It takes time for them to grow. For most Calvary Chapels that are planted in a new area, it takes a couple of years to lay the foundation, prepare the ground, plow the hardened soil, work the soil, and plant the seed in the fertile soil.

Then you have to wait. The seed has to grow and to develop. But, eventually, it begins to bear fruit. The university consists of 10 colleges administering over 40 departments, institutes and laboratories, four national key laboratories and one key laboratory at the Ministry of Education level. NUDT plays a leading role in many subjects, nine of which are national key subjects.

Currently, NUDT has over 2, faculty members, over of whom are professors. There are 14, full-time students including 8, undergraduates and 5, graduates. NUDT offers 25 subjects for undergraduates, programs for master's degree candidates, and 69 programs for PhD candidates.

The university was founded as the supreme military academy of China, and has been regarded as the No. It was the only military academy in the world that housed all army disciplines in one military academy, and the largest military academy in Asia, before its relocation during the Chinese Culture Revolution and the Cold War era.

NUDT has not been ranked with civilian universities historically, due to the lack of relevant and reliable public data about the university because of its military and national defense nature. In when NUDT was ranked the first time with Chinese civilian universities by the Chinese Universities Alumni Association, it was ranked as one of the Top-6 Universities, with a 6-Star status no 7-star was given to any university , along with Peking University, Tsinghua University, among others.

In , NUDT was ranked the second time with Chinese civilian universities, and was ranked as one of the Top-4 universities , with a 7-Star status when 7-Star was introduced the first time , along with Peking University, Tsinghua University, and University of Chinese Academy of Science, universities widely known by the international community.

Tianhe-I was first revealed to the public on 29 October , and was immediately ranked as the world's fifth fastest supercomputer in the TOP list released at the Supercomputing Conference SC09 held in Portland, Oregon , on 16 November In October , Tianhe-IA , an upgraded supercomputer achieving a performance level of 2.

Tianhe-2 was the fastest supercomputer in the world until , when it was surpassed by Sunway TaihuLight at the Chinese National Supercomputing Center. Tianhe-2A is currently ranked as the world's fourth fastest supercomputer on the TOP list, having achieved a performance level of From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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