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An alternative method for intensifying the antimicrobial program or for overcoming an infection is by taking 3 to 4 drops of acidified and diluted MMS every hour and a half for several days. If we step up the intake of oxidants, we also need to increase the intake of antioxidants otherwise we may get unnecessary inflammations due to irritation of tissues and other degenerative changes. Because of its strong oxidizing ability, chlorine dioxide seems to inactivate many poisons, may help with toothache, and makes stored heavy metals soluble so that they can more easily be expelled.

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Halit bey ishani No: BOX Alexandria Egypt. Box Unit 4, No. Makler Strasse 8 Kiel D Germany. Such a double dose seems to be more effective than a single dose two or three times during the day. The highest double dose would be with two times 15 drops, but few will be able to take this without vomiting.

It may be best to take MMS just before going to bed. Also, it is easier to cope with nausea if you can fall asleep. If you take MMS twice a day, take one of the doses in the evening before going to bed.

However, some individuals experience the opposite effect and have difficulty falling asleep after taking MMS. An alternative method for intensifying the antimicrobial program or for overcoming an infection is by taking 3 to 4 drops of acidified and diluted MMS every hour and a half for several days.

Temporarily reduce the dose if any nausea should occur. You may do this by swallowing the MMS or with oral absorption or a combination of both. Humble believes it is safe to give children MMS as needed for infections. The maximum dose for children, underweight or overweight individuals, is stated as 3 drops per I would instead use drops per 12 kg as a maximum dose. For most conditions Humble regards the intensive MMS treatment as completed after taking 15 drops two or three times daily for one week.

If you cannot reach this level then just remain somewhat longer at the highest dose that you can use. Following this Humble recommends a maintenance intake for older individuals of 6 drops daily and for younger individuals of 6 drops twice weekly. My own preference is only for an initial antimicrobial cleanse lasting a few weeks, and then for a relatively high intake only when indicated by a developing infection, and not using it for the rest of the time.

For chronic conditions, such as root canal fillings, bio-films on surgical implants or other microbe factories that cannot be immediately sanitised, and especially cancer and all autoimmune diseases then I would recommend periodically taking 5 to 10 drops of non-acidified MMS daily as explained in the Ultimate Cleanse.

With serious acute infections or poisonings, such as with malaria Humble recommends giving immediately 15 drops followed an hour later by another 15 drops. While most conditions tend to improve with a medium-dose taken over a long period, some parasitic and viral conditions seem to require at least one high double dose to get results. It seems that with life-threatening acute conditions a high double dose can be more easily handled than with chronic conditions.

For chronic or long-standing conditions always increase the number of drops slowly over a period of one or two weeks. I ncrease by 1 or 2 drops each day until you feel some nausea. Then drop back by 2 drops and stay at this level for several days until increasing again.

In this way you gradually work your way higher, reducing and then increasing again to keep nausea under control. You may reduce problems by dividing the daily dose into a morning and a bedtime portion, but after some time always try to edge higher until you start feeling the nausea. If you continue to encounter nausea whenever you raise the dose then switch over to non-acidified MMS as explained below.

With an acute infection you may start with 3 or 4 drops and increase quite rapidly, even if this means nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. With severe parasite problems, such as malaria attack, or if one had taken a poison, or has food poisoning, or with snake bites, a high double dose of MMS will often help. For abscessed teeth, infected gums, and pyorrhea use 6 drops of acidified and diluted MMS and rinse for several minutes, for a sore throat gargle frequently.

Finally you can add more water, tea or juice and drink it; experiment to find the dose that works for you. With sinus infections you may mix a drop with acid and several times sniff up the chlorine dioxide, first through one nostril and then through the other.

However, this can be rather irritating to the mucous membranes. Therefore do this only very carefully. For inflammatory and infective skin conditions you may bathe or wash the affected area with suitably diluted acidified MMS. I have been told of a case where psoriasis went away after a few weeks of topical treatment. At the same time you may use MMS internally in the non-acidified form.

For burns Humble advises to squirt the MMS full strength straight out of the bottle all over the burn. Do not use the acid in this case. Very lightly with the tips of the fingers spread it completely over the burn. Let is remain there for only 30 seconds to a minute. The acidic chemical in the burn is neutralized by the alkaline solution of the MMS. The pain stops immediately, within seconds. Wash the MMS off with water. You absolutely must wash it off or the burn will become worse.

For sunburns he advises leaving the MMS on for 15 to 30 seconds and then rinse off with water. To reduce nausea, but also with bowel cancer or inflammatory bowel conditions you my try using it activated in half a liter of water as a retention enema.

Use another enema beforehand to clean the bowels, or use a laxative to clean out. With colds the MMS kills the virus but does not stop the beneficial mucus release. This can be stopped with the Sugar Cure: Keep a teaspoon of fine sugar in the mouth until it is dissolved, then spit out and take another teaspoonful.

Continue with this for one or two hours and repeat on subsequent days as required. The sugar draws mucus combined with lymph fluid from the lymph glands and so gradually clears the headspaces, see Instant Cure of the Common Cold.

With Influenza I recommend taking several high doses of MMS for only one or two days and then taking instead high amounts of sodium ascorbate , e. Medical-type patents describe the use of stabilised sodium chlorite in oral, topical and intravenous applications for treating autoimmune diseases and chronic infections, also hepatitis and lymphoma, and for neutralising the neuro -toxic effects of acetaldehyde produced by Candida and other fungi.

In these cases the solution is not acidified! This is also suitable for kidney and bladder infections.

The main beneficial effect with autoimmune diseases may be due to an ability of sodium chlorite to control the pleomorphic microbes which are not only a root cause of autoimmune diseases but also of cancer.

Therefore after a short period of using acidified MMS, autoimmune diseases as well as cancer may be treated periodically with non-acidified MMS. This is much less damaging to antioxidants in the body than prolonged use of acidified MMS, and the incidence of nausea will be greatly reduced. As an average dose try 5 to 10 drops or half a ml of MMS once a day after the evening meal or at bedtime in a drink.

In this way you may use vitamin C and other antioxidants until mid-afternoon without interfering with the action of MMS. However, non-acidified sodium chlorite. Therefore use it only for limited periods, e.

Alternatively use it 5 days a week for 3 to 5 weeks. During breaks use higher amounts of other antimicrobials instead, such as Olive Leaf Extract or Lugol's solution. Side Effects and Problems. Individuals may find it difficult to continue with the MMS program because of frequent nausea.

This is especially a problem with advanced cancer and other long-term conditions. Therefore I generally recommend a program of intestinal sanitation and antimicrobial therapy with milder agents before starting MMS therapy. This will remove most of the toxic load with less discomfort than by starting immediately with MMS. For instructions see the Ultimate Cleanse at www. Some individuals with advanced degenerative diseases become very weak on MMS seemingly unrelated to die-back reactions.

I believe that this is due to antioxidant deficiency, and especially to lack of glutathione. In this case take 1 gram of N-Acetyl Cysteine daily to stimulate glutathione production. This also helps to expel toxic minerals. Commonly nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea will occur sooner or later and are beneficial for cleaning out. Sometimes also other reactions, such as inflammations may temporarily occur. To stop nausea you may take mg or more of vitamin C, but this also stops the antimicrobial activity.

Other methods that may help against nausea are vitamin B6, ginger, pressing cm below the wrist in the middle of the underarm, and also reflexology: Furthermore, I found that much of the nausea can be relieved by cleaning out the bowels before taking the drops or immediately when nausea starts.

This may be done with an enema or colonic, or by taking a suitable laxative before the nausea starts. In addition with bowel cancer or inflammatory bowel conditions you may try using activated MMS in half a liter of water as a retention enema.

In the case of cardiovascular diseases and arteriosclerosis it has been suggested that with MMS therapy cholesterol deposits may be removed too fast and lead to a weakening of the affected blood vessels. To avoid or minimize problems Dr Matthias Rath recommends taking high amounts of vitamin C, up to 10 g daily in divided doses, for several weeks before starting MMS therapy. This is to strengthen the blood vessels and make them more elastic.

Besides nausea also inflammations may arise as a side effect of MMS therapy. To understand this effect we need to have a look at the function of inflammation and the role of oxidants and antioxidants in this process. Inflammations increase blood and nutrient supply to an area and are essential for the immune system to work and for healing of damaged organs and tissue to occur. If the immune system is not strong enough to eliminate invading microbes and diseased body cells, originally healing immune inflammations become destructive chronic inflammations, and this is a symptom of our present epidemic of chronic diseases.

Oxidants support the immune system by killing microbes outright and by giving the immune system more firepower. This results in increased inflammation when using strong oxidants such as chlorine dioxide.

Therefore as during any real health improvement various healing reactions, including temporary inflammations, may develop during MMS treatment. This is beneficial for healing in the long-term even if uncomfortable in the short-term. For a more detailed explanation of this process called a healing crisis or healing reaction see www.