Nachtigall Battalion

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IC 26 IC Wikimedia Commons has media related to Rhine Valley Railway. The German refusal to accept the OUN b 's June 30 proclamation of Ukrainian independence in L'viv led to a change of the Nachtigall battalion direction. As the result, the battalion was recalled to Cracow and disarmed on August It was later transformed together with Roland battalion into the st Schutzmannschaft Battalion.

Chuyev states that despite the ending, OUN achieved its ultimate goals - members of their organization had received military training and had battle experience and these men took positions as instructors and commanders in the structure of the newly formed Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

The most important, they brought with them - an understanding of organization, strategies and tactics of partisan fighting, and the German method of dealing with partisan groups. This knowledge was very useful in the formation and activities of the UIA and in its future conflicts. During its short history the Nachtigall Battalion had 39 casualties and had 40 wounded soldiers.

Accusations have placed the Battalion in Lviv in July and claimed that the unit participated in the pogrom that took place. Some members of the unit did indeed participate in the pogrom, which implicates the unit as a whole. An international commission was set up at The Hague in the Netherlands in to carry out independent investigations. Following its interrogation of a number of Ukrainian witnesses between November and March , the commission concluded: The Ukrainian side states that none of the allegations have been proven by any documents, and that the Battalion's main priority was securing the radio station, newspapers and proclaiming Ukrainian independence.

Involvement of any members of the Nachtigall Battalion in the war crimes have not yet been established. Moreover, it concluded, that units collaborating with the Nazis should not be indicted as a group and that mere membership in such units was not sufficient to justify prosecution. The Simon Wiesenthal Center contends that between June 30 and July 3, , in the days that the Battalion was in Lviv the Nachtigall soldiers together with the German army and the local Ukrainians participated in the killings of Jews in the city.

The pretext for the pogrom was a rumor that the Jews were responsible for the execution of prisoners by the Soviets before the Soviet withdrawal from Lviv.

The Encyclopedia of the Holocaust states that some 4, Jews were kidnapped and killed at that time. See Massacre of Lviv professors. The activities of the Nachtigall Battalion continue to remain controversial. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nachtigall Battalion February, Controversy surrounding the Lviv pogroms of Ukrainian Armies , p.

Archived at the Wayback Machine. Archived from the original PDF on July 17, Retrieved September 1, Military activities of the OUN B in the years In order to compromise Oberlander and Ukrainian nationalists, KGB collected materials are widely used in the local and national press, newsreel and the press-conference in Moscow.

In addition, they have been identified and trained accordingly witnesses who spoke of the case at a press conference in Moscow on the court in Berlin. Given the positive results achieved in the special events on Oberlander, I ask you to award the badge "Honorary Officer of State Security" name not disclosed Declare gratitude and reward valuable gift.

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