Top 10 Bizarre Traditions in India

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Qutb Minar is the second highest brick minaret in the world. Madhuri Patel is among those chicks who can ensure a pleasant night with the guys. Seeing wildlife in its habitat is a goal for many travelers. The best time to visit is mid-January to mid-May, when the weather is sunny with calmer seas. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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What are the best tourist places in India? A lot of the time, it comes down to personal preference. However, some places to visit in India remain perennially more popular than others. These 11 destinations all capture the diverse charm of India.

There is another tradition in Shatan Devi Temple of Chattisgarh. The Reason behind Offering Gourd is pray for Good heath of their children. This Temple is also known as Children temple.

This is the oldest Monastery in India. Here is Tradition of Setting shivlingon from many years. Here you can see Millions of Shivlings in this Monastery. People here donate shivlingon for Peace of their Relatives soul. If you See Indian Traditions you will find something different every time. Here I want to share another tradition of Gachhvah community of Uttar pradesh State. The women of this villages lives as widow for husband Safety. If you can see this Palm tree are more than 50 feet in Height and Straight.

In Hindu tradition it is mark of married women whose husband is alive. If you read the title of this Tradition, you became wonders that How a sister want that their Brother will die. If you are thinking than It is wrong. On this day sisters gave dying curse to their Brothers and just after that Penitence by Pricking throne on their tongue. This ritual is performed in Jharkhand State from Many years.

In this Tradition Small Girls make marriage to Dogs. It is said by locals that Marriage from Dog will remove Demons from Girls. This Marriage is performed same as Hindu Tradition.

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