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In the specific case of antibodies Ab binding to antigen Ag , usually the term affinity constant refers to the association constant. The smaller the dissociation constant, the more tightly bound the ligand is, or the higher the affinity between ligand and protein. Get free quotes from top local home improvement pros on larger home projects. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from July Articles with unsourced statements from June Wikipedia articles needing clarification from June

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The effect of different solution conditions is to effectively modify the strength of any intermolecular interactions holding a particular ligand-protein complex together. Drugs can produce harmful side effects through interactions with proteins for which they were not meant to or designed to interact. Therefore, much pharmaceutical research is aimed at designing drugs that bind to only their target proteins Negative Design with high affinity typically 0.

In the specific case of antibodies Ab binding to antigen Ag , usually the term affinity constant refers to the association constant. This chemical equilibrium is also the ratio of the on-rate k forward and off-rate k back constants. Two antibodies can have the same affinity, but one may have both a high on- and off-rate constant, while the other may have both a low on- and off-rate constant.

For the deprotonation of acids , K is known as K a , the acid dissociation constant. Stronger acids, for example sulfuric or phosphoric acid , have larger dissociation constants; weaker acids, like acetic acid , have smaller dissociation constants. A molecule can have several acid dissociation constants. In this regard, that is depending on the number of the protons they can give up, we define monoprotic , diprotic and triprotic acids. In the case of multiple p K values they are designated by indices: The value of K w varies with temperature, as shown in the table below.

This variation must be taken into account when making precise measurements of quantities such as pH. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Principles and Methods PDF. Annual Review of Biophysics.

The Journal of Biological Chemistry. Journal of Molecular Biology. Journal of Physical and Chemical Reference Data. Acid dissociation constant Binding constant Binding selectivity Buffer solution Chemical equilibrium Chemical stability Chelation Determination of equilibrium constants Dissociation constant Distribution coefficient Dynamic equilibrium Equilibrium chemistry Equilibrium constant Equilibrium unfolding Equilibrium stage Hammett acidity function Henry's law Liquid—liquid extraction Macrocycle effect Phase diagram Predominance diagram Phase rule Reaction quotient Self-ionization of water Solubility equilibrium Stability constants of complexes Thermodynamic equilibrium Thermodynamic activity Vapor—liquid equilibrium.

Mechanism of action Mode of action Toxicity Neurotoxicology Dose—response relationship Efficacy , Potency Therapeutic index Median lethal dose , Effective dose Antimicrobial pharmacodynamics: Minimum inhibitory concentration Bacteriostatic Minimum bactericidal concentration Bactericide.

Inverse agonist Endogenous agonist Irreversible agonist Partial agonist Superagonist Physiological agonist Antagonist: Competitive antagonist Irreversible antagonist Physiological antagonist Other: Binding Affinity Binding selectivity Functional selectivity. Antibiotic resistance Multiple drug resistance. Classical pharmacology Reverse pharmacology.