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PNC Bank Credit Card Payment

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Berlin , New Jersey. When the check was mailed from PNC they had changed the remit to address!!!!. Since the check was sent to the wrong address my insurance policy was cancelled Edenton , North Carolina.

Bad customer service kept charging my acct 7. Any time you need to make a payment or if you have a question about your loan, you have to call and get They are absolutely the worst bank I have ever dealt with for an auto loan. Their online payment system is throguh a third partyy and does not let you even get to the login screen. No one at PNC customer service can figure out how to get it to work and want you to call North Carolina United States.

I didn't like Online loan payment. Pnc Bank - Cannot make on-line payment. Cannot make on-line payment. We have Windows 7 and is not compatible with your system. It is such BS!!! You need to come up to the 21st century.

I am not sure why you want me to ramble on for words, but I guess I will continue to Pnc Bank - Card charged with wrong expiration date Oct 31, I went online to order a jersey from NFLshop. When I was typing in my debit card information I accidentally put in the wrong expiration date and submitted it.

PNC indicates I have zero balances!!!