SmallCap 2000 Futures - Mar 19

Below you will find information about the SmallCap CFDS Index. The SmallCap Index measures the performance of the small-cap segment of the U.S. equity universe.

Only English comments will be allowed. Jim Gregory Dec 26, 4: Santa is coming to town Thursday and Friday AAPL 's earnings disappointment had set the market up for turmoil, but again, markets were able to hold up against expected weakness.


 · According to FTSE Russell, the organization that maintains the index, the collective P/E ratio for all the stocks in the Russell is just

Janaka Ahaus Dec 26, 3: Janaka Ahaus Dec 26, 9: This going to explode soon. Patrick Higdon Dec 19, 8: Had a great day shorting today, not much support left on most of the indexes. If they are going to rally and back away from the cliff now's the time, lol. Papa John Dec 18, JD Smooth Dec 17, 3: Well went against my gut.

And just went long for a short squeeze. Steven Garcia Dec 17, 1: Dow sellers hold and add for tg below Robiul Hasan Dec 10, 9: Papa John Dec 06, 3: Perto Perto Dec 03, If so, huge rides have bigger correction odds Russell made 5x over 10 years.

This stubborn Fed is hurting their businesses.. Now we all are on the hands of Fed Powell for him to speak, louder.. Is it arriving too late? Carlos Linares Nov 30, Guess what that means everone it's a no brainer triple digits sooner than u think.

Janaka Ahaus Nov 26, 2: I hope we get a Santa Rally. Nov 26, Is the RUT back on an uptrend? BalooofLaMancha Nov 23, Yaniv Sharon Nov 23, The Russell Index List available for download at the link above contains important information for each of the stocks in the index, including:. Keep reading this article to learn more about how to use the Russell Index List to find compelling investment ideas. Having an Excel document that contains financial information on each Russell stock can be tremendously useful.

With that in mind, this article will provide a tutorial on how to implement two actionable investing screens to the Russell Stocks List. These stocks are trading at very attractive valuations and should avoid the valuation risk that accompanies investing in overpriced securities. Click on the filter icon at the top of the price-to-earnings column, as shown below. Then, click on the filter icon at the top of the price-to-book column, as shown below. The remaining stocks in this spreadsheet are Russell stocks with price-to-earnings ratios below 15 and price-to-book ratios below 1.

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